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Cookies Policy

Please read the following before the use of ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’:

This cookies policy is framed in compliance of the EU directive 2009/136/EC and the relevant law for the time being in force in the Kingdom of Denmark. The use of ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ means users have agreed to our cookies policy. Please know that ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ stores the cookies on your computer for the certain justifiable purposes in good faith.

What are Cookies?

The cookies are files that are transferred to the hard disk of the user’s computer so that the website may be familiar with the user when he revisits and may have certain information relating to his earlier use history.

The purpose of our cookies:

‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ does not collect any personal information.

‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ strictly respects the privacy of the users. Our cookies aim to make us able to improve the services and allow the third parties to process data for their certain purposes. The element of good faith works throughout the operation of the cookies.

There are two types of our cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies seek to maintain the security and the verification of the visit details of the users so that they may be able to go from page to page without re-entering the details. It facilitates the user. The persistent cookies perform following functions. Firstly, they help the website to identify returning user as a unique visitor. So during the subsequent visit, he does not need to enter his details again and again. Secondly, these cookies make the website customize user’s preferences. Thirdly, they collect, compile and process information for the purpose of statistics and evaluation to understand users’ behavior to improve the services and structure of the website. Fourthly, some cookies give user optimal usage of the site. For example, they identify whether user’s browser supports a particular feature. Fifthly, some cookies are sent to receive information for a third party such as Google Analytics. ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ disclaims any liability arising from the use of information collected for such third party. The users may check the third party’s cookies policy or deny the access of such cookies.

How to refuse cookies:

The user is quite able to change the cookies setting of the browser. He may set his browser to accept particular cookies or to give notification every time the cookies are going to be stored in his computer. It may help him to accept or reject the access. There are many resources such as ‘Help’ section of the browser that guides the users to manage his cookies settings.

Modification in the Cookies Policy:

‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ reserves the right to make changes in the cookies policy from time to time. The modified version will come into effect soon after it has been pasted on this webpage. You are advised to see them frequently.

Contact Us:

In case of any ambiguity, please feel free to contact us at: post@fastup.no